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You may have a familiar feeling when you see this water bottle. maybe you have seen these kinds of bottles at Milan Fashion show, Paris Fashion Show, or on fashion magazines, the models or celebrities often holds this type of water bottle. Perhaps she is a symbol in fashion filed.

The shape of this water bottle is similar of the plastic cola bottle shape, so we directly call this bottle “cola bottle”. The shape of this water bottle like a bullet, a small umbrella, and a bowling ball. The out looking are smooth, simple, and generous. The mouth of it is about 3.5cm, making it perfect for drinking water.

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The mouth of this rubber hot water bottle is very round and smooth, factory has finely polished it to ensure smoothness, without any rough edges or burrs on the rim. We don’t allowed this, otherwise it will cause harm to consumers. The smooth mouth of the bottle rim also feels comfortable to touch.

The bottom of this water bottle has a contour design, which is very stable when placed on a flat surface table and will not fall down, and this bottle can put into the car holder.

This water bottle can be made in various beautiful and fashionable colors, and can be combined and matched according to the shows ,handbag, cloths etc.


You can print various favorite patterns or logos. There are various color processes available, including painting, spraying, electroplating, heat transfer printing, water transfer printing, and so on.

We make water bottle with food grade stainless steel, and the stainless steel grade can be 304 and 316 and others. If you want to save costs, you can use different grades of stainless steel on the inner and outer layers, but we must ensure that the inner layer is food grade and above 304 materials to ensure the safety of the food.

The lid and bottle body are threaded and tightly sealed, and the bottle lid has a silicone leak proof ring to prevent water leakage. It can be placed freely in the bag or anywhere.

There are many types of capacities for this water bottle, such as 350ml, 500ml, 750ml,

1000ml, etc. Consumers likes 500ml more, and the capacity size is also suitable. The bottle size is also very convenient, just right in the hand. If you want to container more water, you can also choose 750ml or 1000ml. During travel, large capacity bottles can play a great role in ensuring sufficient water volume.

Our company AILIN GALAXY has its own factory and also engages in trading business. It is an integrated enterprise of industry and trade, established in 1993. We have also represented some major brands such as Alexander. Both the supplier and the clients have praised our products and services. On the basis of more than 30 years of hard work, the company is making further efforts and hopes to have the opportunity to cooperate with you.

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