Thermos cup that can release your hands


I never thought that a thermos cup can also help us solve the embarrassment of not taking pictures, and the trouble of tired arms caused by holding the phone for a long time.

Like other thermos cups, the cup body uses safe 304 food-grade stainless steel as the inner liner, and the outer layer is 201 stainless steel. What never changes is the high insulation vacuum layer inside and outside the thermos cup. The outer cup wall can be sprayed with a variety of processes, such as conventional spraying, painting, electroplating, frosting, matte, bright, etc. . .

The 304 stainless steel liner is carefully selected high-quality steel, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, no odor, and no need to worry about the invasion of toxic substances. Always ensure that our health is not disturbed.

The cup body can be customized with various logos, print your favorite patterns or creative ideas, and the printing process is also rich and colorful to present different effects, such as: laser, silk screen, 3D printing, water stickers, thermal transfer, water transfer, etc.

After talking about the material of the cup body, the functionality of this cup is the biggest highlight we have to mention

The mouth of the cup is round and smooth, which is very convenient for drinking water and effortless to clean. It will not be impossible to clean because the caliber is too small

The bottom of the cup is flat and stable, and it is produced and processed with high-quality steel. It has a long service life and is not easy to deform. It is durable

The double-layer stainless steel vacuum technology firmly locks the temperature, and the cold preservation time can reach 24 hours and the heat preservation time can reach 12 hours. You can use it at any time regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The biggest highlight of this cup is its lid. The lid adopts a sealing ring and a threaded design for double protection and no water leakage. It will not leak when rotating and inverting. It is very convenient to carry out and can be directly put in a backpack.

The lid has a 90-degree adjustable horizontal/vertical suspension support frame, built-in double-ring neodymium magnets, and precision hinges that can be adjusted vertically or horizontally. It has strong magnetic attraction and is compatible with the MagSafe magnetic attraction function, so it is not easy to fall when held in your hand.

Many times, we want to take a beautiful photo when we go out for an outing, but we can’t find the right person to help us. This bracket function comes in handy. Due to the adjustable function of the support frame, we can adjust the phone to any angle we want to take a photo.

The cup also comes with a magnetic ring that is compatible with all mobile phones. In this way, if we need the phone to help record a video, it will be very convenient.

The cup has various capacities to choose from, such as 24oz, 32oz, 40oz, 64oz, etc. You can choose the size of the cup capacity according to your needs.

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