Thermostatic ceramic cup


Gift box set ceramic mug

Recently, I found a cup that is very worth recommending. I wonder if you like it too? Today I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to introduce this cup to you. I hope you will like it too.

This cup is like many cups you usually see. It is made of ceramic. It has a Nordic style design, is small and exquisite, and the cup surface is made of nano material, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. The glaze is smooth and easy to clean.

The cup body capacity is designed to be 380ml, small on the top and large on the bottom, and the capacity is suitable. Of course, if you need other capacities, it can be customized. The cup body can be customized with various logos, all fired at high temperature. The porcelain is delicate and burst-proof.

The handle is comfortable, ergonomically designed, comfortable to hold, thick and round, and durable.

The design concept of this cup is to keep warm, keep the temperature constant, and use heating as a supplement. Whether it is hot water or warm water, it can help you keep the temperature immediately. In the working state, it will reduce the hot water to warm water, heat the cold water, and keep the temperature constant at 55 degrees without cooling. The water temperature is suitable for human drinking, and start a warm and nourishing life. Accompany you from work to get off work, always warm.

The heating plate is an explosion-proof glass panel, a small and delicate waterproof glass panel, wear-resistant and anti-fall, safe and waterproof, and more textured to the touch. The bottom of the matching cup is specially designed, with fast heat conduction, a low-power heating element, and fast heat focusing and heating.

However, due to the different water temperatures, the heating time will also be slightly different. Usually, cold water will heat up more slowly, and it takes about 20 minutes to heat up, and it takes 40-60 minutes to reach a constant temperature of about 55 degrees. The product is a 16w-220v low-power product. If you need to heat up quickly, then you may need to choose other products.

The heating plate has a microgravity sensing system, which is very convenient to operate. When you put the cup on, it will start to keep warm automatically, and the indicator light of the heating plate will light up. When you take away the cup, the power will be automatically cut off, and the indicator light will go out at the same time. When there is no cup, the power will be automatically cut off. When the cup is placed on the coaster, the heating will be automatically turned on. The product is resistant to high temperature, the cup shape is simple, and it is easy to clean. However, since it is a ceramic product, it is not suitable for dishwashers. This cup is not only comfortable to use, but also a very good gift. The packaging is an exquisite gift box packaging. Different logos or patterns can be designed according to different scenes, such as weddings, birthdays, full moons, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. It is suitable for giving to juniors, lovers, couples, colleagues, and can solve the headache of finding gifts. If you like, you can always consult us!

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