Travel tumbler with streamlined design


After the typical tumbler swept the market, there are bound to be more variants, which enrich the product line and give consumers more choices. In the travel tumbler, the main variation is a change to the shell curve, some of which are described below.

travel tumbler

Body structure:

The inner wall of the cup is made of 304 stainless steel, and the outer wall is made of 201 stainless steel. It can also be made of 304 or 316 both inside and outside, but we do not recommend using 201 stainless steel as the inner wall, as 201 stainless steel still has a slightly lower food safety factor.

The lid is made of PP or PS Food grade brand new material, BPA free, the lid color can be white transparent or slightly blue. There are 10 types of lids to choose from, such as slide covers, straight drinking lids, water sealing lids, straw lids, sealed slide egg lids, curved cup lids, magnetic lids, flat lids, etc. Our standard configuration is usually a regular slide cover.

The bottom of the cup has a separate buckle bottom. You can choose a color that is suitable for spraying the same color as the cup body, or you can keep the original color of stainless steel. The top of the same cup can also leave the original color of stainless steel on the edge, or you can spray the color. The choice is very flexible, and we can customize according to your preferences.

Body shape:

This cup is large on the top and small on the bottom, and the size at the bottom can fit perfectly in the tea cup holder of a car. It is also very stable, with capacities of 20oz and 30oz. The middle part of the cup is as beautiful as a woman’s waist, so we call it a waist shaped car cup. The size of the upper part is very comfortable to grip. Not both men and women can grip it well.

travel tumbler

Customization of cup body color process:

We provide various color customization, and we can modulate any Pantone color code. Moreover, the spraying process can be diversified, such as spray molding, spray painting, electroplating, thermal sublimation, paint transfer printing, thermal transfer printing, and so on.

Logo, pattern customization

In order to increase the richness of the cup and match monotony and boredom, various patterns or company logos can be printed on the surface of the cup. The printing process can be laser engraving, silk screen printing, digital printing, paint transfer printing, heat transfer printing, and so on.

Customized packaging box

The precision of packaging boxes undoubtedly plays an indispensable role in expanding sales and gift giving. Packaging boxes can be made into flip, foldable, and pull-out……, The cup can also be made of velvet, foam and other styles.

The surface of the box can be printed with the same pattern or logo as the cup, or other beautiful patterns can be chosen.

Our company has its own development team to assist in various customizations. You only need to send us your logo or pattern files in PDF, JPF, AI and other documents, and we can complete exquisite products according to your ideas very well.

The company prioritizes product quality and service, and sincerely looks forward to the opportunity to cooperate with you.

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