Tumbler and Fashion


In November 2023, a Lady from US shared a video on TikTok: her car was on fire,almost everything is unrecognizable and the only thing intact in the car was a Stanley tumbler, and the ice cubes in the glass began to completely melt. This video attracted huge attention and discussion across the Internet and became a mainstream “hot search” with hundreds of millions of views in total. This video made Stanley famous, and even started a rush to buy Stanley tumbler in the United States.

People’s fanatical pursuit of Stanley is not just because of its obvious high quality – the moment the above-mentioned video went viral, the Stanley water cup became a traffic symbol, and in the era of traffic, this is the best sign of promotion.

In fact, not only Stanley water bottles, many other tumblers have the potential to become popular, because compared with other inconspicuous daily necessities, tumblers have the characteristics of becoming a “fashion item”. First of all, its streamlined appearance is very beautiful and in line with the aesthetics. Among all tumblers, the Stanley Tumber’s ups and downs line design is more conspicuous, but more water glasses are “straight to the point” without losing simplicity. On this basis, some DIY coatings allow customers to create their own “fashionable designs” based on the appearance of the tumbler. For example, in the very popular sublimation series, customers can print any pattern they want on the sublimation coating, whether it is single color or multi-color, simple or complex. Another example is to add decoration directly on the tumbler body, such as resin, imitation diamonds, etc.Some merchants even inlaid resin diamonds on the tumbler, which looks very luxurious and has a visual impact. Most of these cups require manual work and a lot of time, so the cost and price are relatively high, but they are still popular products, which shows The meaning of fashion value to tumbler.—When tumblers are no longer just regarded as simple daily necessities but have other possibilities, their value will also increase due to these possibilities. You can look at the products in many Amazon stores. A blank 20oz sublimation tumbler sells for about six dollars, but when it is sublimated and has a more beautiful appearance and fashionable elements, its price may reach 20 or 30 dollars, even more expensive, and the increase in manual and raw material costs is not enough to make the price skyrocket, at the same time, there are still many people willing to pay the price.

Finally, tumblers are easy to promote. Just like hair accessories and clothes, as long as celebrities or Internet celebrities show up with them, they will immediately get the attention of fans and fashion-conscious people. Many businesses give tumblers to Internet celebrities, and they only need to show their products to get good attention, this is also a popular promotional model at the moment, and water cups are small, common, and in high demand as daily necessities, which fits this model.

Of course, no matter how fashionable or special the appearance, tumbler is always just a kind of drinking utensil. While manufacturers pursue profits and buyers pursue individuality, they should not sacrifice the good and the bad, causing the tumbler to lose its most basic and important attributes.

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