water bottle with time markings


Nowadays, most of the water bottles we see on the market are identical, they are only used as drinking containers. I believe most people will have questions about this: Isn’t the water bottle used for drinking water?

Of course, our company’s water bottle is also used for drinking water, but “drinking” is more scientific. This water bottle with time markings is made from BPA-free plastic and is based on a strict quality control system. All water bottles are subjected to strict quality inspection treatment, and the details are well made. This BPA-free water bottle is free of chemical odors and harmful substances, so we can rest assured that we can use and reuse for a long time. At the same time, this water bottle with time markings has a large capacity, with a choice of 64 ounces and 32 ounces, we can enjoy our favorite drinks for longer, no matter where we are. Most important is the design of the lid and straw. The lid is made of polypropylene, which is safer than regular plastic LIDS. Even if it is 360°shaking, it can be 100% leak-proof. This can largely avoid leakage of liquid and hot water burns. It is worth mentioning that the design of the silicone ring can better seal the straw, so that we can drink water without worrying about dust entering the straw. There is also a scale on the back of the cup body, including 100ml scale line, 300ml scale line and 800ml scale line, etc. no matter what kind of occupation you are in, our water bottle with a time mark can ensure that you have a different amount of water intake every day, so that scientific drinking water is at your disposal.

We also integrated the convenience function, we designed the reversal button for drinking water, if you are really tired, just gently press the button, you can enjoy the drink, eliminating the step of hand twisting. There is also the plastic handle and portable cup belt, the handle and cup belt are adopted a wider size, even if a long time to hold or carry, we will not feel uncomfortable. What’s more interesting is that our water bottle has a function that most of the water bottles you see on the market do not have, take the lid off, it is a mobile phone holder, while drinking your drink, whether it is hot tea or beverage, while watching videos, watching dramas, enjoy your leisure time.

Our usual minimum order quantity for this cup is 100 pieces, but we also accept a lower quantity for your trial order. And the order quantity can be freely selected. We have three different price ranges for customers to choose from, namely 100 to 1999 pieces, 2000 to 9999 pieces, and over 10000 pieces. The more quantity purchased, the more favorable the price can be. You can order according to your own needs.

In short, the water bottle with time markings has become one of the daily necessities in modern people’s life with its many practical functions. No matter where we are, it can give you convenience and water security. Choosing us means choosing to rest assured.

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