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In life, many places see some insulated water bottle, to supermarkets, to small stores, even on the street, sometimes to Starbucks, you will see some different styles of insulated water bottle. When it comes to insulated water bottle, which brand can you think of? And whether you use it to keep warm, or to keep cold, or both. As young people, we prefer to keep it cold.

Without further ado, today we introduce 12 brands that make insulated water bottle:

1. Stanley

1.1 Stanley’s history

With more than 100 years of history, Stanley is still the darling of the market, and its market share ranks first in the North American market. It is not only the B-17s fighter standard during World War II, but also appeared in the movie “Interstellar” and “Charlie’s Angels 2”, quite a “tough guy” style, is synonymous with durability.

1.2 Stanley’s Product series

Stanley’s insulated water bottle has 4 series: 01 Classic, 02 Master, 03 Adventure and 04 GO.   All the insulated water bottle are made of 18/8 stainless steel, which is safe and stable enough.   The double-layer vacuum insulation technology also provides strong insulation.   The Classic series is Stanley’s classic that has continued since 1913, while the Master, Adventure, and GO are the new products launched in 2017 and 2018, with some updates in shape, materials, and technology.

1.3 The Classic series

Stanley Classic series is true to its name. It has been rated as one of the most influential equipment in history by the well-known outdoor magazine Outsider, and is regarded as the most worth buying series of Stanley. The classic green hammer body, with the thickened stainless steel bottom, after the bump but more profound feeling. This series of thermos cup capacity is large enough, but also adopts an integrated plug insulation design, 1L with a retractable handle, suitable for long outdoor work or sports use.

1.4 The Master series

The Master Series is an upgrade from the classic series with QuadVac™ technology, which adds two layers of partitions to the double vacuum for durability and insulation to meet more demanding tests.  The Master series design is also better, has won the Red dot design award, it uses the frosted texture of the all-black cup design, the brand logo “Stanley” laser, more stylish.

Once the king of performance, outdoor enthusiasts forever heart.  This series of products is very simple, a total of 4 thermos bottle capacity 532ml, 650ml, 750ml, 1L, 1.3L, the main color is frosted black, frosted green, wine red, silver;  532ml is an integrated cup with handle lid, heat retention in 12 hours +, the appearance is more business, the disadvantage is that it needs a certain strength to open after filling hot water and tightening;  650ml and 1L shape the same, with folded stainless steel handle, one formed stainless steel lid, the well-known fishing leaders choose the net red model, the disadvantage is that the lid can not be used as a water cup;

750ml is a classic series with more beautiful shape and stronger insulation, and the insulation and 1L can reach 27 hours +;  1.3L we see more, many Internet red coffee shops, camping base owners like to choose this model, excellent performance, heat preservation 40 hours +, the photo is very out of the film, 750ml and 1.3L use universal double-layer stainless steel insulated cup cover.

1.5 The Adventure and Go Outdoor series

The Adventure and Go Outdoor series pay more attention to meeting the needs of users in addition to insulation, and have a larger capacity to avoid frequent refilling. The suction cup is the finishing touch of the adventure series, avoiding the common suction cup design with a spring cap and silicone ring on the market, the suction nozzle is connected to the air, which is not easy to cause hot water to erupt from the suction nozzle when the lid is opened, and the safety of the hot water is stronger, and the double vacuum inner liner has a strong insulation capacity, the bottom diameter of the cup is 7cm, which can be compatible with most car cup holders.

It should be noted that the suction mouth has no other protective measures, and is only suitable for use in indoor or car areas where it is not easy to dump and the environment is relatively stable. In addition, the double inner liner is heavy and the whole cup size is too large, and it is not suitable for children.

1.6 The Go series

The Go series uses Ceramivac™ technology to make the inner liner, which is mixed with ceramic coating to improve the “metallic taste” often found in stainless steel insulated water bottle, so that the drinking taste is closer to the glass, which is a good partner for cold beer, hot coffee and other drinks. It is worth mentioning that the Go series also launched a retro square portable wine pot with a single-layer pot body, sacrificing heat preservation to reduce weight. The lid of the pot has an anti-falling lock, so that when placed in the pocket of clothes, there is no need to worry about spilling wine. The handmade hammer pattern and Vintage appearance make it full of retro gentlemen.

1.7 Stanley’s Brand service

Stanley’s brand service and after-sales system development is more mature, all the insulated water bottle have 5 years warranty, 5 years of non-human caused by the non-insulation situation can be replaced free of charge. Compared with the classic and master series, the “coffee cup” and “straw cup” of Stanley button drinking are more detailed in the application scenario, but they also sacrifice some insulation. From the perspective of universality, durability and insulation, the Stanley Classic series and the Master series of large-capacity insulated water bottle are more cost-effective.

2. S ‘Well

2.1 S ‘Well Brief introduction

The first thermos cup launched by S ‘Well was selected as a recommended product by Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine, which promoted S ‘Well’s sales and made it popular on social platforms. Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny in the US TV series The Big Bang Theory, is a loyal fan of S ‘Well. In its fourth year, S ‘Well grew its sales by 400% and surpassed $100 million in sales in 2016.

2.2 The shape of the S ‘Well

The shape of the S ‘Well thermos cup is similar to a bowling pin, with a slender body and a diameter of 3.2cm at the mouth, which is just enough to put in a standard size of ice, but the small caliber and long body is not convenient to clean. From the point of view of design, S ‘well is not as bright as Corkcicle, and its appearance level is more from the color, spray paint and pattern of the cup body. The texture and pattern of the shell are made of soybean environmentally friendly pigments, which is non-toxic and harmless.

2.3 S ‘Well Product series

So far, S ‘Well has launched more than 100 colors and patterns, the existing wood grain series, metal series, satin series and other 15 series of insulated water bottle, wood grain series each cup is randomly colored, sports series cup lid has a handle design, easy to carry. However, the bottom of the S ‘well is prone to peeling paint, compromising its appearance level. The price was about $35.

3. Hydro Flask

3.1 Hydro Flask Brief introduction

Hydro Flask, popular in North America, is an environmentally conscious brand, and the lid can be purchased separately to extend the life of the cup.

3.2 Hydro Flask Product features

Hydro Flask products are generally large capacity, distinctive features, its classic flask shape is a uniform solid color wine bottle, bottle body frosted powder coating design, non-slip durable, straight body and double-ended handle black lid is highly recognizable. Hydro Flask Flask is made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel, that is, 304 stainless steel, and its drop resistance is also good in some drop tests. The brand’s unique TempSheld double-layer vacuum structure can achieve good insulation effect.

Hydro Flask insists on original design, but also attaches great importance to patent protection, a number of cover design has been patented, the common channel to provide fewer styles, more styles can be purchased through the official website, Amazon or wholesale website and other channels.

4. Yeti

4.1 Yeti’s history

A super name that has grown into a $3.3 billion market cap in just over a decade: Yeti.

Yeti is an outdoor products brand from the United States, mainly producing high-end thermal boxes, beverage insulated water bottle and other products. As a very representative legendary overseas brand, this is a classic case of category redefinition.

For marketing practitioners who rely more on the extreme cost performance to open overseas markets, this brand is very worthy of our research and learning.

Yeti was founded in 2006 by brothers Roy and Ryan Seiders. They grew up in a small village in Texas. As avid outdoorsmen who often hunt and fish outdoors, the brothers found that all the coolers were inadequate for their outdoor adventures – handles would break, latches would snap, LIDS would cave in, boxes would crack and ice would be stored too short.

For outdoor lovers, whether it is to preserve the catch of prey or to keep cold beer warm for a long time, it is simply the needs of this group, and the performance of the refrigerator at the time is not satisfactory.

Pain points worth thousands of dollars!

After some research, an extremely durable leather, can withstand the rough toss in any environment, but also to achieve a long time temperature insulation effect, excellent sealing freezer was born.

Yeti became the first brand to focus on extremely high quality and high performance reefers. It can be said that the positioning of Yeti redefines the category of refrigerator.

Before Yeti, the idea of spending $300 on a cooler would have been met with laughter. Most of the coolers on the market at that time were priced around $20 to $30, and Yeti coolers were 10 times more expensive than other options, with the smallest Yeti coolers costing more than $250 and the most expensive more than $1,000.

However, the brothers, as outdoor enthusiasts, know the pain points of this group, and the extremely high-quality refrigerator will be able to support a high premium.

The two brothers spent countless weekends driving around Texas in a pickup truck full of coolers to sell. Soon, sales exploded. Outdoor life enthusiasts approve of YETI’s perverted durability and insulation time, even at such a high price. The YETI cooler became a staple for lovers of offshore fishing, remote hiking and long-distance hunting trips.

4.2 What is the primary core of YETI’s success?

Innovation based on deep consumer insight

The most core marketing concept that we all should know: product and market needs matching – PMF (product market fit). The core of YETI’s reconstruction of this category is to find the pain points faced by consumers at that time and the lack of better solutions, a neglected market gap.

Let’s think about the selection and product development strategies that our regular  sellers use. The most common is what we call data selection, scanning and climbing the successful competitive products on the market, analyzing the degree of competition between supply and demand in the market with data, quickly imitating the competition pairs that get the results, and analyzing which elements and links of these competitors can be optimized and surpassed.

Analysis, imitation, optimization. This is a good product selection and product development strategy.

In this case, however, the founders of YETI did not consider imitation at all. The price is 10 times higher than the peer, and the quality of the almost abnormal product is unimaginable in this category at that time.

Innovation is not impossible. The underlying reason for YETI’s success is that the two brothers themselves are hardcore consumers of this kind of purpose. As avid outdoor life lovers, the two brothers know what this group needs and whether this group will pay a high price to solve this pain point.

Innovation or imitation is not the right one or the wrong one. Both have suitable soil.

Many brand operators also hold the same view, Duan Yongping mentioned in the interview, imitation is not humiliating, imitation to get too large results of the opponent is a very effective strategy. Innovation is great, but doing unproven things means higher trial and error costs and a higher probability of failure.

Duan added that innovation is not impossible, but there is a prerequisite. Unless you have a deep understanding and insight of the industry and a certain group of people, innovation has a high probability of success.

However, consumer understanding and research should never be neglected. Only through the deep insight of consumers can we get rid of the extreme cost performance strategy that we have relied on too much, and develop products that can truly form differentiation and be accepted by the market.

Become widely known

The ultimate quality to become the best solution for outdoor lovers’ pain points is just the first step. The wine is also afraid of the deep alley, YETI how to convince more consumers?

YETI’s marketing team is very good at telling stories.

Among its various marketing campaigns, YETI’s videos of its products being ravaged by a grizzly bear are the most impressive. The large, strong grizzly bear is a symbol of strength and wildness in the eyes of Americans.

4.3 How to let consumers feel the abnormal quality of YETI.

Yeti has received a “Grizzly Bear certification” from the IGBC, an interagency agency related to bears in the United States, certifying that its products have sufficient strength and durability.

The “Grizzly Bear Certification” is a certification issued by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC), a committee of federal, state, and local governments dedicated to the protection of grizzly bears and their habitat. Members of the committee include the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Department of the Interior, Environment and Climate Change Canada and others. The commission has developed a series of regulations and standards to ensure that outdoor products are strong and durable enough to withstand grizzly bear attacks.

For a brand to obtain “Grizzly bear certification”, it needs to go through a number of rigorous tests and evaluations, including simulated grizzly bear attack, simulated grizzly bear bite and puncture. Only by passing these tests and meeting IGBC’s standards can a product be “grizzly certified” and considered to provide adequate protection in the event of a grizzly bear’s presence.

A grizzly bear can’t be made to break. Isn’t that convincing enough?

4.4 Yeti’s influence

Become widely known

YETI’s extreme insulation and durability have earned it the love of lovers of outdoor living. However, this group, mainly the red neck population of the American South, is not large. If the brand wants to grow further, it must realize the expansion and extension of the user group.

Although YETI’s initial target customer group was outdoor life lovers, over time, YETI’s customer base has expanded to a broader consumer market, including people who are not necessarily outdoor life lovers. More city dwellers have also become avid fans of YETI, even if they don’t need the ultimate quality coolers.

YETI’s own growth path and the earliest customer groups have doomed YETI’s natural ability to gain popularity.

If customers are also graded, YETI’s early core user base can not only bring sales, but also completely define the brand’s mental positioning in the public.

Some people call this group the brand crowd. In other words, the brand becomes what the public thinks it is because the public knows that the brand has such a hardcore audience.

YETI has built an indestructible reputation among enthusiasts of outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing who first adopted it. At the same time, Outdoor life itself is a lifestyle desired by the public, and the outdoor label on TikTok has accumulated up to 10 billion plays.

5. Corkcicle

5.1 The characteristics of Corkcicle

Corkcicle is a brand that is born to enjoy wine at any time. Its founder designed Vinnebago and founded Corkcicle in order to keep wine at the optimal drinking temperature and prevent excessive oxidation reaction between wine and air from affecting the flavor and taste due to bottle vibration. In the field of insulated water bottle, Corkcicle is a typical product to go the world, with the CANTEEN series that resembles the “bottle”, won the red dot design award in 2016, and became the designated gift of the Golden Globe Award that year.

5.2 CANTEEN series

In order to reduce the use of plastic bottles in the United States, Corkcicle launched a subversion of the traditional cylindrical straight shape of the thermos cup – CANTEEN series. Excellent ergonomic design and modern industrial beauty, so that it is still the darling of many celebrities. The series is gradually wider from the bottom of the cup to the shoulder of the cup, there are several centimeters of stainless steel primary color at the drinking mouth, symmetrical with the lid, and the two sides of the cup are cut into a plane, flat is not easy to roll, and the four-corner diamond is suitable for the hand. There is also a ring of non-slip mat at the bottom of the cup to prevent wear and silence.

In addition to the shock absorption design, CANTEEN series also has strong thermal insulation performance, with three layers of insulation material to keep it warm at 77 ° C for 6 hours and 62.5 ° C for 12 hours. At the same time, the small-caliber cup design can just throw ice cubes and prevent heat loss. The series is divided into 260ml, 450ml and 750ml three capacities, 750ml can fit a full bottle of wine, 250mL and 450mL are suitable for daily use.

However, the thick shock absorption and solid chassis design make its overall weight larger, 475ml weight up to 385g, in addition, the number of threads on the lid is more, the lid is inconvenient, not recommended for children, backpackers or car use.

The brand has worked hard on the appearance design in the past two years, and launched eight different series of solid color Classic and linkage design Rifle paper on the basis of CANTEEN. According to the different design, its price fluctuates between 28-53 dollars, and it is recommended to buy through overseas Taobao. Unlike S ‘Well’s more natural body, the Corkcicle has a more industrial feel, and even the retro style has a strong steam era design.

6. Contigo

6.1 The influence of Contigo

According to 2021 data, Contigo is the No. 1 brand in the U.S. market share of water glasses, and Hollywood stars such as Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry use Contigo water glasses. Contigo’s sports sippy cups are better known in China than insulated water bottle.

6.2 “Autoseal” technology

Contigo is based on on-board insulated water bottle, and its “Autoseal” technology has applied for invention patents in many countries and regions such as the United States, Japan and China. However, the lid seal and insulation performance of the cup using this technology is weak, and the thermal insulation effect of Contigo is relatively average, which is more suitable for use as a coffee cup. There is a safety lock at the top of the West Loop to prevent misopening.

Autoseal is a button open cover direct drinking design, drinking water design on the surface of the cup cover, easy to contact with foreign objects, therefore, some of the thermos cup has a dustproof design, such as the sports thermos cup HCC-TRA, the cup cover with a folding handle, the same Autoseal technology, the cup is provided with a dustproof cover, not in use when the dustproof cover is more hygienic. The price of Contigo is about 28 dollars, and the products sold through e-commerce channels are enough to meet the needs of consumers.

6.3 Contigo’s signature product

Sports sippy cups are arguably Contigo’s signature product, and its children’s thermos cups are also sippy cups. Unlike the round mouthpieces of other brands, Contigo’s sippy cup has a flat square beak, which is not easy to chew and deform, but may be too large for younger children. The HBC series is shaped like a sports cup, the price of stainless steel is lower, and the price of the thermos cup with a cartoon pattern is slightly higher, respectively, 30 dollars and 32 dollars.

And need to take safety lock children’s thermos cup can choose its stainless steel lock thermos cup, there are two kinds of drinking cup mouth and straw design, 36 dollars price is relatively high.

7. Emsa

7.1 Emsa’s visibility

Emsa is a well-known household brand in Europe, its vacuum insulation products occupy nearly 30% of the market share in Europe, and together with BMW and other brands was named the German century brand. In Europe, Emsa thermos cup sales alone can reach 6 million. Emsa’s products are famous for their beauty and design. The high-grade and elegant color matching and cup body line have a typical German design style, which is suitable for consumers who have the pursuit of appearance.

7.2 Emsa’s product Series

Emsa’s thermos cup series is not many, but there are various ways to open the lid. The classic bullet thermos cup is its main product, Maibao and Senator series are included in this list. Maibao participated in the OKO-TEST with 11 insulated water bottle, and was the only one to receive an “excellent” rating. The top and bottom of Maibao are crash-resistant plastic bases, the cup lid is made of stainless steel outside, and the interior is made of European baby grade PP material, so there is no need to worry about odor when drinking water.

If you prefer metal and leather, the Senator series is a good choice. This flagship store in China is also known as the “business series”, its thermal insulation effect is not much different from Meibao, stainless steel cup body and leather cup cover look more texture, official e-commerce activities period 28 dollars can be purchased. However, Emsa’s business insulated water bottle are designed with double-layer insulation inner liner, resulting in heavier products, 500ml net weight 500g, not portable enough.

Emsa’s Journey thermos Cup had a big year in 2019, with the new travel cup Wave to Go and the Drink 2 GO series’ Happy Day ‘both winning the German National Design Award 2019. Wave to Go cup body has ice cream shaped ripples, not easy to slip, and the viewing is strong, the cup mouth is still using Quick-Press closing system, press the round button on the top can be 360° drinking, in order to improve its thermal insulation performance, both use double insulation inner liner and silicone sealing ring design, but handheld heavier, more suitable for car or short trip use.

8. Tiger

8.1 About Tiger

In 2017, after Zhao Mingyi of the Black Panther band holding a thermos cup became a hot topic on Weibo, sales of Zhao Mingyi’s Tiger brand thermos cups increased by 40%. However, the tiger brand can go to today, relying on the star has never been “bring goods”.

At the beginning of the establishment of the Tiger brand, its founder, Takefan Kikuchi, was committed to improving the body of the pot, making the glass warm pot more sturdy and fall-proof. After the Great Kanto earthquake, Japan suffered heavy casualties, but the 100 thermos bottles Tiger planned to sell in Tokyo were intact, and thus Tiger made its name.

8.2 The characteristics of tiger

The Tiger brand’s innovation and durability have also been passed down to the present day. The lightweight of the Tiger brand thermos cup is already the industry-leading level, and the 480ml thermos cup only weighs 190g, which is 15% lighter than the same capacity products in the past and is more portable. While achieving lightweight, the Tiger brand thermos cup still has excellent thermal insulation performance, and the temperature of the hot water is still relatively hot after 8 hours. Moreover, the bottom of the cup uses laser welding technology, and the overall body looks more compact and beautiful.

From the point of view of similar products on the market, the Tiger brand’s one-button hot-cover thermos cup has the most smooth one-hand operation. The one-button cap cup is generally designed with a safety lock to prevent collision or misoperation during carrying, resulting in the lid popping open and hot water flowing out. Tiger brand safety lock and cover key set in one, cover button push up and down to open and close the lock, press the cover to open, one hand operation can also be done in one go. Tiger’s new one-button open lid cup simplifies the procedure by automatically locking after closing the lid, which is used in the MJC-A manufactured in Japan. However, the tiger’s pop-cap cup only has a drinking port, and there is no vent design, so you may choke when drinking water.

Tiger’s screw cap straight drink cup has been updated in recent years in the appearance of efforts, this year is updated with soft powder, azure and other macaron colors, but there is little difference in thermal insulation performance, with the Zojirushi screw cap removable bolt is different, Tiger’s screw cap only gasket removable. The upper cover of some screw lid cups can be opened for storage, and the small-capacity MMP-H02C/H03C is equipped with a portable bag, which consumers can buy according to their own needs.

8.3 The price of Tiger

Almost all the tiger brand is produced in China, the price is mostly between 28-56 dollars, MJC-A, MJA-A, MJX-A three series are produced in Japan, from the thermal insulation performance point of view with the products produced in China is not very different, MJX-A cup as the inkjet printing of Japanese traditional pattern, e-commerce price of more than 140 dollars, low cost performance.

8.4 Tiger children’s thermos cup

Tiger brand children’s thermos cup in the market is also very popular, often appear in children’s variety shows, the cup of lions, tigers and other cartoon animal images are very popular with children, and with the same cup set, accidentally fell thermos cup can play a protective role, but MML, MBJ and other series of cup for cartoon pattern stickers, daily will not fall off, However, it is still necessary to pay attention to cleaning; The MCT series, in collaboration with Japanese children’s cartoonist Ryichi Tajima, to add a protective layer to the paint design, making the pattern more firm and not easy to fall off.

Children’s thermos cups generally have two lid designs: With handle lid with inner plug and straw pop cap cup, MBR-S06C and MBO-A05C with two kinds of LIDS, the use of more flexible, MBR, MBJ are tiger brand classic animal cups, there are lions, rabbits, moles and other cute animals to choose from, priced at about 28-89 dollars, the two series of differences only in the complimentary lid and drinking method. MBJ is a straight drink with LIDS only, while MBR comes with 1-2 sets of straws and LIDS for reuse.

It is worth mentioning that all the spare parts of the tiger brand can not only be removed and cleaned, but also can be purchased separately in the e-commerce flagship store, at a price of about 11-17 dollars, which eliminates the need to buy a new cup due to parts damage.

In addition, the Tiger brand straw cover children’s thermos cup is a special cup for cold protection, because the cup cover with a straw seal insulation performance is poor, poor heat protection performance, and the design of the straw can not be loaded into the temperature of too high hot water, only filled with warm water, parents need to pay attention to the use of children. Among them, 280mL MCK-A28C is suitable for kindergarten children, with handles on both sides of the cup body, which is easy for children to hold, and the price is 52 dollars.

9. Zojirushi

9.1 The competition of Zojirushi

Like the tiger, the Zojirushi originated in Osaka, Japan, and there is a known tiger fight between the two. Both product lines are similar, in the thermos cup, rice cooker and other market areas are competitors, each has its own advantages and characteristics. Zojirushi in the production of thermos bottle liner started, has a hundred years of history. Its excellent thermal insulation performance does not need to be described, and, like the print of the thermos cup design, fine work, a key open cup with anti-splash design, after pressing the cover key, the lid will remain slightly open, release the key lid will completely pop open.

9.2 The characteristics of Zojirushi

The inner wall of most of the thermos cups of the Zojirushi has an anti-stick coating, which is one of the signs of the Zojirushi, the inner wall of the Zojirushi thermos cups sold by the official domestic e-commerce channels are coated, the inner wall of the thermos cup with coating is easier to clean, and the taste will not remain in the thermos cup after the installation of odorous liquid such as tea. The horizontal safety lock of the one-button open lid cup is also a feature of the Zojirushi, the safety lock of the previous generation of products is marked with Japanese switch lock direction, such as the SM-KB series, the new series are marked with a lock pattern, more concise and clear.

The one-button pop-up cup SM-SA series with lock logo has performed well in many evaluations, and its 360ml capacity model has obtained the highest evaluation of four and a half stars in the overall evaluation of the Hong Kong Consumer Council. The same lock model SM-SG series is the new model in 2020, the surface frosting process enhances its anti-slip, the new sealing pad design is added to the cup, the heat preservation is above 71 ° C for 6 hours, the cold is below 8 ° C, and the lightness is strengthened, 480ml only weighs 200g, is portable, suitable for car and outdoor activities, the price is 52-70 dollars.

In addition, the Zojirushi not only the lid of the one-button lid can be removed and cleaned, but also the middle plug of the lid of the rotary lid thermal cup can be removed, and the cleaning is very thorough. Most revolving open-top cups are equipped with a hot-proof plastic PP drinking ring at the mouth, which can also be removed, and consumers can choose whether to use the drinking ring. SM-XC series is 97° quick-opening lid, which is also fast and labor-saving.

9.3 The children’s series of Zojirushi

The children’s series of Zojirushi is also very practical, though slightly less cartoonish in appearance than the Tiger brand. SC-ZT is equipped with two kinds of cup LIDS, including straw and inner plug, daily flexibility, and free cup sets, it is convenient to carry to school or travel, 450mL and 600mL in the price range of 42-56 dollars. It should be noted that when the straw is used to pop the lid of the cup, the heat retention of the cup is poor, and only cold or warm water can be kept to avoid burns when the child drinks directly. SC-MC60 only has an inner lid, can not be drunk directly, and the matching small water cup lid is also more convenient to use.

10. Thermos

10.1 What is Thermos

“Thermos” is synonymous with “hot water bottle” in the English dictionary, and the history of the thermos cup/bottle can be said to be the history of the development of the thermos master. The long-established caterer who flew with the White Brothers and used to deliver blood plasma on World War II battlefields as a munitions supply.

10.2 Thermos brand features

The same as the three major Japanese thermos cup brands, the Thermos in the insulation performance and tiger brand, Zojirushi little difference, all use double-layer vacuum technology lock temperature. There are fewer options for the cup type, and the business style is more concentrated, and the newly launched Queen series is also for the female white-collar market. At the same time, the design of the cup body and the cup is more humane, the streamlined cup body has a groove or frosted design, the hand is not easy to slip, and the cup mouth has an anti-hot drinking mouth design, some office cups also have built-in tea filter, drinking hot tea is more convenient.

10.3 Some series of Thermos

The eight-figure button is the sign of the Thermos to open the lid cup with one button. When opening the lid, you need to unlock the eight-figure button down first to press the cover key, which is slightly awkward to operate with one hand. The Thermos has also tried a new way of opening the cap cup, such as the JNS series will design the lid key on the top of the thermos cup, which is more inconvenient to use, and the lid of the cup will touch the hand after pressing the lid key.

There are many series of Thermos, only through the first three letters of the series name can be distinguished, such as JNL500, 501, 502 three series of thermos cup itself is no difference, the difference is the cup surface spray paint and origin. The performance and size of the TCM/N Queen series are similar, only the appearance design is different, the lipstick cup is a real mouth red number for the color, including the more popular cut man color, carrot color and other five choices, while the Queen Cup is designed on the lid of the crown handle, removable as a separate decoration. Considering the portability, the Queen series of thermos cups are very small, are about 200-350ml, easy to plug into the bag.

The JNL series is an upgraded version of the JMY series, the price of 500ml is about 17 dollars, and it only weighs 200g, 130g lighter than the JMY. The aperture of the drinking mouth on the lid is slightly larger than that of JMY, and the water is more smooth.

Compared with the tiger brand and Zojirushi, the screw cap cup series is less, the appearance design is simple and generous, the JNO series equipped with 160° semi-rotating open lid is more labor saving to use, the attached anti-hot mouth PP drinking cup mouth can be detachable, the Chinese JNO series price is about 42 dollars.

10.4 The Origin of Thermos

Thermos in Malaysia, the Philippines, Jiangsu have factories, the official electricity supplier on the three production of products are, JNL502 Malaysia, JNL501 for China, the product difference is not big, there is a demand for consumers to pay attention to the details of the product. JNR series is not much different from other products in performance, but the semicircular lock and finger contact area is larger, easy to break in one hand, and long-term use of the lock is not easy to slip and become loose, but the price is four times that of JNL, about 63-70 dollars, not recommended.

10.5 The children’s series of Thermos

Relatively speaking, the selection of the children’s thermos cup is not as good as the tiger brand and the Zojirushi, only the straw pop-cap cup is convenient for direct drinking, but the thermal insulation performance is not as good as the adult thermos cup. The most expensive FEC-280 cup has handles on both sides, similar to the Tiger brand’s infant thermos cup, and the price of 50 dollars is also the same level as the Tiger brand. FEQ-400 and F4001 capacity is not large, are not more than 400mL, suitable for younger children to use, unlike tiger brand Zojirushi and other 600mL children’s thermos cup, FEQ-400 also comes with a sling, more convenient to carry, the price is 40 dollars.

11. Peacock

11.1 About Peacock

At the beginning of its establishment, Peacock thermos products are exported to Southeast Asia, India, Central and South America and other places, now, peacock may not be as well-known as the tiger brand and other three major Japanese brands, but in India, the Middle East and other regions occupy a high market share. Peacock’s parent company is one of the three members of the Japan Insulation Association, the other two members are Tiger Brand and Zojirushi.

11.2 he advantages of peacock

The advantages of peacock are its excellent product design, good insulation performance and affordable price. Although the thermal insulation performance is slightly lower than the tiger brand, Zojirushi and other first-line brands, the level of 6-hour thermal insulation of 61-69 ° C still crushed most products on the market. Peacock’s AAT and LBD series have won the Good Design Award in Japan for many years in a row, and the new DFC series in 2020 has won the G-Mark Design Award, its predecessor is the AMC series, the special U-shaped water outlet design, the water flow is large and not easy to splash, and the price of 22-28 dollars is pleasant.

Tiger brand, Zojirushi,Thermos one-button open cover thermos cup in the design of safety lock have their own characteristics, peacock is no exception. The lid button of the peacock is divided into two parts, the upper part is the safety lock pushed up and down, the lower part is the press cover key, it looks beautiful, but the operation is also easy and smooth, DMW series price is over 14 dollars, insulation performance is better, cost-effective. The peacock’s rotating open-cover cups are equipped with angel wheel PP cup mouth, which can be used as a tea leak, but the cup will leak after disassembly, and the design is slightly flawed.

The AAT, which has won the Good Design Award in Japan, is similar in shape to a coffee cup, and the 66mm wide caliber is slightly worse in insulation than the general thermos cup, and can be directly drinkable without opening the lid. However, there is no dustproof design, the drinking cup can be directly in contact with foreign objects, and the health is slightly deducted, inconvenient to carry, and it is more suitable for use as a car cup. At present, the LBD series sold on China’s e-commerce platform is actually the local version of AAT, and there is no other difference except the origin.

11.3 The children’s series of Thermos

As far as the children’s thermos cup is concerned, the peacock also has two designs of inner lid and straw cup, but it is not equipped with two kinds of lid products at the same time. The sippy cup SSB-400 has a pop cap design similar to that of an adult thermos cup, and has a safety lock that slides up and down to avoid accidentally bumping the lid. It is priced at 39 dollars. The insulated cup ASF-61 with inner plug has higher thermal insulation performance, and the price of 28 dollars is relatively high. The cup has two designs of handle and strap, which is convenient to carry.

12. AKS

12.1 AKS’s features

AKS features its design as the biggest feature, the brand brings together designers from different cultural backgrounds, the thermos cup products have won the German Red Dot Design Award, China Design Intelligence Award, the Canton Fair Export product design Gold Award and other design competition awards, which shows its strength in design, not only in the appearance, but also in the use of the cup details.

12.2 Some series of AKS

AKS’s best-selling vintage cups are chic in shape and have a strange feeling of refurbishing an old kettle from the last century. The jellyfish series cups have simple and smooth curves, and the Dolphin series cups have rounded shapes and various LIDS, all with their own characteristics. Original design of more than 14 dollars, insulation efficiency in line with the national standard GB/T29606-2013, the overall reputation is good.

AKS jellyfish series thermos cup has two versions of screw lid and push lid, it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance, both are thin mirror lid, push lid cup looks like a screw lid is actually a snap cap, delete the button design to make the appearance more concise. The lid of the screw cap version is also very intimate, most screw cap plug and the outer wall of the cup cover usually have a gap, to thoroughly clean the need for tools, and screw cap jellyfish cup lid is similar to mushrooms or screws, spiral grain in the convex, integrated design without difficult to clean the gap.

Jellyfish series and dolphin series cup bottom have silicone cushion, although this is an insignificant small part, but with its thermos cup use experience will be a lot better, in the office, classroom cup no longer need to be careful, but also anti-slip anti-tipping, the bottom of the thermos cup paint can also play a protective role. The AKS series of thermos cups are basically available in one large and one small capacity to meet different needs.

12.3 The recognition of AKS

As a redesigned brand, AKS thermos cup definitely passes in terms of appearance level and design sense, simple and with some small designs, high recognition, even the most easily bumped pop-top cup, but also through the color and line to distinguish from other brands. In addition, AKS has promoted the trade in thermos cups at the market and coffee festival, and such a young brand’s environmental concept is also worthy of recognition.

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