What do you know about the Stanley Cup?


1. Brand Introduction of the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup was founded in 1913 and has a history of 111 years. Initially, the Stanley Cup was founded by William Stanley Jr. and headquartered in Grand Barrington, Massachusetts. Now its headquarters is in Washington, Seattle. The Stanley brand belongs to HAVI and is an international limited liability company in the Pacific market. The main product is beverage containers. The website is www.stanley1913.com.

2. The brand history of the Stanley Cup

The first Stanley Cup invented by William Stanley Jr. was an all steel vacuum flask. The initial use of this all steel vacuum flask was for military, medical, transportation, and deep-sea exploration. For example, during war, pilots will carry steel cylinders, which can effectively prevent damage. If there is a sudden situation in the hospital, where there is no blood in the blood bank or suitable organs are not available for transplantation, and it is necessary to retrieve them from other hospitals, Stanley bottles will come in handy. Another issue is that when the country conducts deep-sea exploration, plastic bottles and glass bottles cannot adapt well to the underwater environment, while all steel vacuum flasks can maintain their original shape and performance in the deep sea, becoming essential practical items for national staff in extreme environments. Nowadays, more and more outdoor athletes prefer this practical and scratch resistant cup, and many housewives also like to use this brand’s products to cook food.

3. The Brand Creation Process of the Stanley Cup

In 1913, William Stanley Jr. invented the Stanley all steel flask. He changed the history of using only glass to isolate vacuum flasks and instead used welding technology to make flasks, innovating the method of using welding for vacuum stainless steel bottles.

In 1915, William Stanley Jr. renovated his factory and equipped it with a lot of machinery. Opened a new chapter in the production of baby bottles.

In 1916, William Stanley Jr. passed away. An investment company invested and acquired it, and hired professional engineers to carry out comprehensive product modifications.

In 1921, L F&C acquired Stanley Company and expanded its business.

In 1933, Stanley Company moved its factory to New Britain, Connecticut. The company continues to develop more products.

In 1965, Aladdin acquired Stanley Company and began mass production of stainless steel insulated cups.

In 1968, the renovation of the insulated cup began with the use of a spiral lid.

In 1988, the C-shaped handle was adopted, which is more aesthetically pleasing and convenient to carry.

In 2002, PMI acquired Stanley Corporation. The headquarters has been moved to Seattle, Washington State. The manufacturing process of water cups has also begun to be made in China.

In 2019, Stanley’s sales reached $70 million.

In 2023, Stanley’s sales reached $750 million. At the same time, a model of collaborating with celebrities for promotion was launched, and its products quickly sold out.

Stanley drinkware has been well received by consumers. At present, the most popular style is 40 oz tumbler with handle and straw. The various colors of this model are very fashionable and often out of stock.

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