What is the digital water bottle?


1. How the Digital letter keep consistent with the water temperature?

When you hold a water bottle with can seeing the temperature of inside the water any time, whether you feel it is no worries? No need to worry if the temperature of water too hot or too cold, right? There inserted a temperature sensor and LED monitor inside the lid. The digital letter shows on the lid keep consistent with the water temperature in side of the bottle.

We have two kinds of lids, one is can take the black top piece down and replace inside battery, another one is firmed, cannot be take off. Of course, if you use strong power also can take it of, but it may face the risk of lid don’t waterproof. The battery capacity is 3v, in normally can use about one year. I guess most of customer will not use that long time, right?

2. What is the material of the bottle?

This is a stainless steel double wall with insulated cups, it is made with inside layer by ss201 and out layer by ss304, they are all in food grade, but if you need inside and outer layer all made by 304 or even higher grade in 316 is also available.

The lid made by food grade polypropylene and silicon seal ring; all the material is strong hand high quality.

The temperature on the lid can be centigrade degree and Fahrenheit degree, we just need change the chip of the sensors, Fahrenheit degree chip is bigger and more expensive than Centigrade degree chip.

3. What is the body of the water bottle you can do?

The body of the water bottle base is stainless steel natural color, we can say it is silver, sometimes consumer wants beautiful color, like black, red , yellow, white, blue… and so on, and they may like it in mat or bright, we can follow your idea to paint the color and light as your request. It is can help to satisfy customer in big way.

Also, you may want to extend your company reputation as well, so you can customize the patter or logo on the cup body, you can point the position you want.

We have several skill on the logo print, such as laser engrave, silk screen print, 3D UV digital print ,heat transfer, water transfer and so on, it is need to following your pattern design.

4. What is the capacity of the water bottle?

We have 500ml volume for this kind of water bottle currently, we also can provide 1000ml as well, but the out looking a little different. If you want other capacity, we also can customize with a new mold for you.

5. How to packing the water bottle

To protect the best thermos flask in safe we used bubble polypropylene bag to wrap the cup and put into the box, we have colorful paper box with English and Chinese words description both kinds, you can choose you like, we also can provide white box too, if you want to customize the box is also available.

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