when a thermos is not only a thermos


In order to improve the attractiveness of products, people are no longer only satisfied with the basic attribute of thermos as daily necessities. A large number of drink ware with unique shapes and novel patterns have appeared in the market. Some are colorful and eye-catching, and some are in line with cultural concepts. Features, launched on the market with various festivals and anniversary activities, giving the attributes of souvenirs to thermos.

Based on the concept of environmental protection and conservation, people also began to hope that tumblers and thermos would no longer only play the role of drinking vessels, so various modifications were made to them to have some small functions.


Sublimation is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to transform tumblers and thermos. It is very popular in European and American countries because of its simplicity, convenience and low cost. People put various patterns on cups, some are just for beauty, while others have the meaning contained in the patterns and become a cultural product. For example, words of gratitude are printed on the cups on Mother’s Day, words of encouragement are printed on the cups to encourage various patients, and so on. Such modifications maximize the gift attributes of the cups. When people receive a thermos like this, they will definitely be happier than if they only receive a cup that is just a drink ware and has no features. Therefore, a large number of blank tumblers with sublimation coating have emerged, allowing people to use their creativity and imagination on the blank cups. The most classic of them is the 20oz straight sublimation tumbler.

In addition to innovation on the surface of the tumbler, beautification and multi-functionality of various accessories of the thermos cup have also become a trend. For example, the straw, the most common and inconspicuous accessory, can also make the thermos cup have eye-catching features through various straw toppers, not to mention the lid, an accessory with greater transformation potential. For ordinary plastic sliding covers, people can stack various resin crafts on it while retaining the straw mouth, which does not affect the normal use of the thermos cup and at the same time,makes its appearance more innovative and attractive. A more common innovation in lids is the “one cup with multiple lids”, that is, lids with multiple shapes and different functions can be matched with the same type of thermos cup at the same time to meet the needs of multi-functionality. For example, in the hydro series, a sports bottle with the same volume can be matched with 15-20 lids with different functions and shapes (drink lids, straw lids, handle lids, etc.)

Combining thermos with other items is also a way, such as a dog bowl kettle that can meet the drinking needs of both human beings and pets. This product is divided into two parts, the upper part is an ordinary kettle, and the lower part is an embedded Dog bowl on kettle. Another example is the Bluetooth speaker cup, which is a combination of a water cup and a speaker and can be used in various parties.

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