When a Tumbler Becomes a Artwork


When a Tumbler Becomes a Artwork

Stanley’s philosophy is “Build for Life”, which is to create high-quality, reusable thermos cups so that they can be used for a lifetime. This vision is very beautiful. Just imagine, if everyone only buys one cup in their lifetime and uses it until old age, it will not only save a lot of money, but also have positive significance for protecting the environment. Even if it is practiced not so perfect, it can improve the current situation and promote environmental protection.

However, when a tumbler has Internet traffic and is endowed with fashionable properties, and when more and more people regard it as a fashion item or personality symbol and no longer pay attention to its nature as a drinking vessel, the current situation may be contrary to Stanley’s philosophy.

Since Stanley became popular, many people have been flocking to it. Perhaps a large number of consumers do not care about the high quality shown in the video, but are attracted by its huge traffic. In this case, buying The water cup is no longer for drinking water, but for “catching up with the trend”. However, the iteration of traffic is very rapid. When the traffic of this Stanley is exhausted and the next Stanley becomes popular, will consumers chase it again? The answer is probably yes.

Searching for stanley on social platforms such as Facebook, you can see countless merchants promoting their eye-catching mugs, and you can also see more people showing off their “new tumblers” and gifts. These posts are updated frequently. One can’t help but wonder, where did the “old tumbler” go?Was it thrown into the trash can, or was it kept in a cabinet as a mere decoration? The best ending may be to return to the responsibility of a water glass. But no matter which ending, there is no need to spawn another expensive “artwork”.

In fact, Stanley is not the only one who has this problem. When people are willing to work hard on any cup to personalize it, and when the cup becomes a “art piece”, it may cause a waste of resources – there can be only one drinkware, but of course the art piece is The more the better. Sublimation, imitation diamonds, sequins, resin… More and more decorations that sublimate cups into “arts” increase their added value. Sellers and craftsmen can earn huge profits from it, and buyers The personalized requirements are also met, which seems to be a win-win situation, but is it really necessary for the cup to become a work of art? This is a debatable issue.

There is no doubt that the traffic era has made the tumbler market more prosperous. Perhaps there is no other daily product that can adapt to the characteristics of the times and develop into such a diverse and popular product like tumbler.At this point, people need to find a new balance between “personalization” and “environmental protection and practicality” so that our cups can become “good-looking drinking utensils” instead of constantly iterating like mobile phones and computers, or even losing their basic function.

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