Why cups can be used for gifts


1、Definition of gifts

Gifts are items given to each other in social interactions, in order to express blessings and intentions or to show friendship. A gift is a carrier for the giver to convey information, feelings and wishes to the recipient. Objects that people give to each other, with the purpose of pleasing each other, or to show goodwill or respect. Gifts are also used to celebrate holidays or important days, such as Valentine’s Day or birthday gifts. Gifts can also be immaterial, in ancient China, there is a saying that “thousands of miles to send goose feathers, the gift light affection heavy”, indicating that the value of the gift lies in the goodwill and intention of the giver, rather than the value of the gift itself. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, just a statement of intent.

2、Connotation of gifts

Gifts are things that are given to each other by friends or relatives during the holidays. It expresses the warmest and most beautiful heart between people. The best gifts are not necessarily the most expensive, but the ones that are badly needed and momentarily unavailable. A gift doesn’t have to be a physical thing, it can be an act or a thing. The ultimate purpose of a gift is that the person giving the gift wishes to convey his or her heart to the person being given the gift.
With the development of the Times, gifts are increasingly focused on health and environmental protection.
Gifts convey sincere hopes and wishes to others. Can promote friendship, convey love. For gifts, many people do not care about its nobility, but value the emotional value contained in the gift.

3、Type of cup as a gift

Mug is a very suitable cup for friends and lovers, although the mug is not very portable, but one advantage is that it can be made by DIY, some mugs can be made into a high-temperature color-changing version, a hot water will show a different look, and some mugs can also add custom photos and patterns. You can put a photo of your friend or a photo of your couple on the mug to let them feel everyone

Thermos cup is suitable for people who often run outside, if there is no thermos cup with water, it should be difficult to drink hot water, easy to stimulate the stomach, thermos cup is the best choice for such people.
The cup has a very interesting feature, when in the summer, pour cold water into the cup, and then touch the cup will feel cold and cool, cool, can give everyone a very clean feeling, and in the winter when the cup is poured with hot tea and milk, and then hold the cup in the hand, there will be a special warm feeling. Sending the cup is to hope that the recipient can clear the mind in the summer, calm the air and not impatient, and feel the warm feeling of spring in the winter, which is a very good wish.

In the past, everyone sent cups to each other to express the friendship of a lifetime, and now it is more to express health, practical and exquisite. As daily necessities, cups are updated faster than electronic products.

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