Why Stainless Steel Tumbler is a Better Choice


Why can stainless steel tumbler defeat plastic bottles and glass cups and become the most popular drinking utensils?

As people’s awareness of environmental protection increases, reusability has become one of the important standards for daily necessities. Some plastic water bottles do not support multiple uses (such as the cups provided by most milk tea shops). Even if they can be used repeatedly, if they are accidentally discarded, the non-degradable chemicals in their ingredients will cause damage to the natural environment. There is no need to worry about tumblers. Not only do they have a long service life, but even if they can no longer function as drinking vessels, their raw materials can be recycled and used for other purposes.For factories, due to various environmental policies, they are more inclined to produce stainless steel cups, because the production of plastic cups often needs to pass various tests to prove to customers that the product is BPA free or does not produce harmful substances at room temperature. Substances, some government agencies will also impose restrictions on the production of plastic products. For example, the Dutch plastic restriction order imposes a tax on disposable plastic cups, and most EU countries have similar plastic restriction decrees.

Health factors are also crucial. Many plastic bottles contain BPA (an industrial chemical that may have an impact on the brain and prostate health of fetuses, infants, and children). Some plastic water bottles that claim to be BPA Free will still produce harmful substances after being exposed to hot water of a certain temperature. Substances harmful to the human body are precipitated, but there is no such concern when using stainless steel water cups. In addition, the thermos cup allows you to drink hot water anytime and anywhere.

And the tumbler is more practical. Glass cups are fragile and plastic bottles have poor thermal insulation properties. Stainless steel tumblers can just make up for the shortcomings of these two. Whether outdoors or indoors, a thermos cup is the best choice. Most thermos bottles are leak-proof and are more suitable for outdoor sports.

There are even some thermos mugs designed to cater to the design of bicycle or car water cup holders, so that they can remain stable even during driving, without spilling or leaking, such as the 40oz Ice Cup and 20oz/30oz travel mug. Some manufacturers, sellers and customers This series of cups is even called “car cups” directly. This series has been popular in the field of thermos cups for a long time.

Finally, stainless steel thermos cups can better meet the personalized needs of customers. Because of the characteristics of its stainless steel material, various processes (such as laser, 3D, silk screen printing, thermal transfer printing, etc.) can be applied to achieve many unexpected artistic effects and meet customers’ customized needs. In plastic cups and glass The creative space on the cup is relatively smaller.

Of course, stainless steel tumblers are not without shortcomings. At least the production cost is more expensive than plastic bottles and glass cups. The latter two also have their applicable occasions.

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