Wide mouth water bottles


We have Multiple capacity can be choose.

Our water bottle wide mouth is designed for guys who likes traveling, hiking, and mountaineering to solve the problem of water filling. Our company has 12oz, 16oz, 18oz, 22oz, 25oz, 40oz, 32oz, 64oz……. There are several sizes of cups available. Large capacity cups can be used to store a large amount of water on the road, while small capacity cups can be used for drinking water directly because they are not heavy. 12oz and 16oz cups are relatively small and suitable for children to use. If you are hiking, choose 32oz and 40oz cups, which can be directly placed in the pocket of your backpack or the outer pocket of your bag, you don’t need to open the zipper in your pocket to get the cup and drink water.

Wide mouth water bottles

Bottle construction

The cup is made of two layers stainless steel with a vacuum in the middle, which can be kept hot can cool. The insulation time is generally 6-12 hours, and the cool time can last up to 24 hours, so  no need to worry about don’t have hot or cold water to drink in the winter or summer.

We also have over a dozen different types of lids, such as threaded straight drink lids, lifting ring lids, rivet lids, straight handle lids, curved lids, handle straw lids, stainless steel lids, bamboo lids, wooden lids, and so on. The styles are diverse, and you can choose according to your preferences and usage habits.

You can make Colorful body

 The surface of the cup can be sprayed with various colors that you like. We can adjust the color according to the Pantone color number you provide. Due to different color matching processes, the surface of the cup can be sprayed with bright, matte, dual color gradient, tri color gradient, electroplating, etc. The surface of the cup can also be customized with your logo or the pattern you want or any non-infringing design.


We can help you to Customize

Our company has our own R&D and design team. If you have new ideas and want to do some special designs, we can also create new molds. For example, if you want a different shape from a regular cup or lid, we can design according to your needs. First, we need your 3D design drawing, your idea, your design concept, and what effect do you want to achieve? Based on your idea, we will make a preliminary model manuscript.

When our design scheme come out and in line with your requirements, then we need to fully consider the basic functions of the cup, such as insulation performance, sealing degree, and the connection of various parts. Then, we will make a 3D model or a handmade model. After that We will confirm the effect with you through video or pictures, or send you the handmade model to your door and then you will check and confirm to us in soon, if you have any revise then we will follow to revise the mold again.

After everything is confirmed, we will start product molds, it is including steel and plastic molds, etc. This time will also take more longer time, it is about 1-2 moth, After the mold is completed, we will make a preliminary sample to make sure the mold doesn’t have any problems, and only when the final product is made without any problems then we can truly complete the production of this set of molds.

This cup has a big drinking mouth so it is easy to drink. I believe you and your customers will love this cup very much

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